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At Reverence Tribal Art Studio, we embody the definition of reverence, which is a deep respect, admiration, and awe towards someone or something that is considered worthy of great honor or admiration. This feeling can be felt towards many different things, including people, institutions, traditions, cultures, nature, and even abstract concepts such as justice, truth, or beauty. Our studio expresses this profound sense of respect and admiration through acts of deference, such as showcasing amazing pieces of tribal art that honors the subjects that inspire us.

About us

We are Warren and Alana Campbell, proud owners of Reverence Tribal Art Studio, located in Coolum Beach Industrial Park, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Warren has been working in the tribal art industry for over 15 years and we are both passionate about using Reverence Tribal Art Studios to showcase unique, timeless and spiritually connected original art and artefacts to our clients. At Reverence Tribal Art Studio, you will view a wide variety of 'for sale' art and artefact on display, ranging from original artwork to ancient artefacts. We work with artists, collectors and vendors who pride themselves in producing authentic pieces to showcase in our studio, ensuring that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also of the highest quality. We have spent years creating an experience for our clients and we guarantee you, you'll be talking about us when you leave. Reverence is an exclusive 'for sale' studio by show date or appointment only.


We acknowledge the Sunshine Coast Country, home of the Kabi Kabi peoples and the Jinibara peoples, the Traditional Custodians, whose lands and waters we all now share. We recognise that these have always been places of cultural, spiritual, social and economic significance We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first peoples and acknowledge all elders past, present and emerging.

Upcoming Shows

"Art of Reverence"

"Discover the awe-inspiring beauty and cultural significance of Papua New Guinea's indigenous art at the 'Art of Reverence' exhibition. Immerse yourself in the intricate and powerful works that pay homage to the country's diverse art heritage." A collection of PNG artefacts collected by Bubble Artefacts. All pieces on display are for sale.
Open the first Saturday of every month from 7:00am to 10:00am (to align with a local event in the area called Coffee, Cars & Culture) or by Appointment.

"Symbols of Reverence"

"Journey through a world of symbolism and meaning at the 'Symbols of Reverence' Oceanic tribal art exhibition. Uncover the spiritual and cultural significance of these masterful works that pay tribute to the diverse beliefs and traditions of indigenous cultures."

Opening Night - TBD

"Spirits of Reverence"

"Embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and reverence at the 'Spirits of Reverence' Oceanic tribal art exhibition. Immerse yourself in the masterful works of indigenous artists that capture the essence and power of the spirits that guide and inspire their cultures."

Contact us at [email protected] or contact Warren on 0407 565 900 for further information.

We look forward to seeing you.

We Also Consign Tribal Art!

At Reverence Tribal Art Studio, we offer a transparent and straightforward consignment process for tribal art collectors who want to showcase their valuable pieces. We offer expert curatorial services to create a compelling narrative around your pieces, highlighting their cultural significance and historical context. Our commitment to authenticity and integrity ensures that your pieces will be represented with the utmost respect and reverence. Please contact us today to discuss further.

Contact Reverence Tribal Art Studio

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or Phone or Text on 0407 565 900


Warren Campbell

Member - Oceanic Art Society

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